Cheryl . . . thank you so much, thank you so very much,
you have given me the confidence and life-changing tools to overcome anything!

I have had the best time over the last few days; you are an inspiration and breath of fresh air.

P B  |Adelaide, South Australia

Breath of fresh air . . .

Cheryl is a stunning fractal piece of art that radiates and shares her inner crystalline beauty, warmth, and intellect with others in such a natural and generous manner. She is an exclusive, supportive and prominent mentor who performs exceptional work on any platform

Adriana Gaeguta-Bierbaum | Adelaide, Sth Australia

Cheryl is a stunning fractal piece of art!

I was recently at my hairdresser’s and to set the scene my hairdresser is very zen. 

Cheryl has an amazing space with essential oils and diffusers, chalkboards of positive affirmations, soft music, angel cards, I find everything in this space brings me into the moment. Cheryl is totally zoned for you being the best you can be.

On my last visit, I noticed an affirmation . . .

“Where your focus goes, your energy flows”.

I had to think about this, it wasn’t just a light bulb moment but an affirmation that needed contemplation. In this zen setting, having some ‘me’ time I had time to ponder the meaning of this. It is about not thinking you are overweight but that you WILL have a great body. It is about not thinking you are sad but that you WILL be happy.

In those thoughts, if you focus on ‘overweight’, or ‘sad’ that is where your energy flows.

Change the words – Change the mindset – Believe.

This is what the vision boards are all about. Having a clear focus on what you want to achieve. Letting all your energy flow into these goals. Give yourself time to visualize your goals and allow your energy to flow. This will build momentum and your goals can and will become a reality.

This affirmation is like responding to your thoughts. Make the positive out of the negative.

Work on possibilities, this is your access to a NEW world!

You know what!”  . . . Remember to dream BIG. Anything can happen, just put yourself out there . . .

Geez that was a BIG thought for today eh ♥

Helen McHugh | Adelaide, Sth Australia

Thought for Today!