Inspired by ‘The Shearing Shed House’ Echuca Airbnb, we are both excited about living in the country-side building designing our new Handcrafted Hideaway home in Meadows, South Australia.

In December 2019 we moved from our Beach House in Christies Beach to pursue our life dream of becoming farmers!

As we started to search for a home we stumbled across The Shearing Shed style that resonated with both of us! Our love for an old rustic Farm House Style in a rural picturesque setting, is on the cards for us, using reclaimed wood, heritage galv, including a wide range of textured aged materials. The wide veranda with a post for the Grandchildren to mark their growth, so as a family we can all grow together!

Been drawn to a Farm House Style, we appreciate all things Homemade & Authentic.

Excited to share the up and downs, challenges, and victories with you all on this beautiful journey called . . .

Farm Life!

Much love Steve & Cheryl xo

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