“What is a Snugg Room you might ask”?

snug was originally a small private room within a public house, once common in pubs across Great Britain and Ireland. The same word is sometimes also used for small rooms in private homes as well like Snug Corner in the Bahamas. A Snug dog, also called a Schnug, is a cross-breed of a Pug and a Schnauzer.

What a stylish Snugg Idea, that’s what I thought!

The name ‘snug’ gives you a good idea of what I wanted to create in my studio at home. It’s like . . . brown & comfy’ this is how my eldest granddaughter Mikayla describes Milo!

A snug room should not be too large (a snug fit, you might say), with lots of wood and natural decor creating warm inviting colours that are used for maximum cosiness and a rustic feel.

I started with a bare room; wanting to give it a whole new look and feel. So it was out with the drop sheets and rollers, painting the walls with ‘Fresh Sheets White’ – in-fused with Citrus and Sage therapeutic essential oils of course!

The Snugg Room is very close to the beach, so if you come here you can expect to visit the beach too.  I have created a co-working space filled with wonderful elements that will inspire you to rediscover the real magic within you!

the snugg room 2

“I am thrilled that you have decided to join me on this wellness journey today!

Farm Flower Inspiration

Learning how to be creative using art and nature, will be one of the best decisions you have ever made to support your overall health and to live a more joyful life!

Flower Room

A more holistic approach to your lifestyle will not only enhance your life but your family and friends too.

It’s as easy as taking ingredients from your pantry and creating a hand-made something special’ to say:

  • I Love You, Thank You, Happy Birthday or,
  • Get Better Soon!
  • What about a Wedding?
  • A House Warming or just because!

Sharing the love of making my own Aromatherapy Products has been a passion of mine for years. It all started when I was babysitting my first granddaughter – and now have four of them!


I have passed on my knowledge and wisdom to my granddaughters AND now you!

    These valuable skills can be handed down for generations to come.

Life is precious. It is my mission to guide you towards the best alternatives available using nature’s gifts, enhancing your health and wellbeing naturally.

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