Living Late Bloomer a

“I’m a living Late Bloomer”

Hi, I’m Cheryl

“Can I be me NOW?” – Whitney Housten

Over the course of 39 years as a Hair Stylist, standing ‘behind the chair’ I must have heard this expressed one way or another, thousands of times.

And so, the journey begins, welcome to a world of self-discovery, nurturing your soul from the ground up!

Consider this for yourself . . . isn’t it true that the most important experience in your life is how you feel?

It’s not necessary what you see, but how it makes you feel.

It all starts with YOU!

I was asked some fundamental questions back in 2010 by a Holistic Yogi Instructor, Albert Hennink.

With only Albert by my side, only trees in my view, nature was all there was, right in front of me. A clear path to my heart, no distractions, noise or clutter to divert me from the truth.

Something shifted that day, in my heart, I felt confident, courageous, strong, connected with my true-self, bright, free, I could really feel the energy of nature connecting to my soul, happiness, a power that was suppressed only to awaken, my true spirit, the essence and wholeness of my heart & soul, I really felt it!

My own personal power had come back to life!

Warm Hugs in the sun (1)

But we have to practice everyday . . .

What we practice grows stronger, with the art of discipline; I honour, move, and nourish my body, follow my own rules and believe in me.

Life is busy most days for me, but practicing ways to enhance my life, emotionally and physically allows me to enjoy the little things in life, to follow my passions, exploring the love of nature, flowers, and being amongst the wilderness. This helps to increase the power within, connecting with my intuition and awareness. This allows me to really-truly see myself, as the creator of every aspect of my life and experiences.

Spiritually Inspired by life through the process of change.

Let Imagination be your guide, see the potential for sacred beauty in all things, qualities of wisdom, and courage in the face of difficult circumstances.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” – Albert Einstein

The title ‘Late Bloomer’ is an eclectic of everything, ther’e no doubt that I’m a people person, I’ve worked in the field of helping people for almost forty years! I have a Diploma in Life Coaching,  plus a load of learning (& life) credits in-between.

Inspired to guide you to live a life you love and discover easier, enjoyable ways to overcome the road blocks and detours that so many of us face (me included!) along the wild-ride of life!

I am intuitive, honest, and compassionate . . . and get to the heart of the matter in a very short period of time.

Problem areas are a symptom of underlying hurts or limiting core beliefs that are often unconscious, but keep reasserting themselves in a variety of ways. Unaware or unhealed areas generate BIG TIME resistance and limit our ability to access solutions. We often make choices and behave in ways that reinforce the very situations we don’t want. Until we honestly come to terms with who we are and why we make the choices we make, change cannot occur.

We’re often using our energy to try to change the people or situations in our lives, but this action renders us feeling depleted, frustrated, and angry.

Our focus is in the wrong place.

Change is an inside job!

So, reach in and GROW

Coloured Leaves

I’ve helped many people change their lives from the inside out, for nearly forty years!

“I am enough” – Let thyself be me!

Let’s Re-Set – Re-Create & Connect.