“I have tried to be . . . so many things in life, but what I haven’t tried . . . is being ME!

That sentiment was shared with me by a young woman; someone very close to my heart.  

Over the course of 39 years as a Hair Stylist, standing ‘behind the chair’ I must have had heard this expressed one way or another, thousands of times.

And so, the journey begins, welcome to my website; I’m so happy you stopped by!

This space is a nurturing environment that’s positive, the kind where confidence and compassion rule!!! When it comes to rules . . . You’re the BOSS, we create our own rules celebrating, wisdom, wholeness, and authenticity.

“I believe in warm hugs, big smiles, forest & beach walks, new beginnings, positive self-talk, releasing all that no longer serves me.”


I believe there’s no one like me! I have learned to give myself permission to be me – because I choose to be. I choose everything that’s important to me, self-made and worthy of everything my heart desires. I love to dance and sing when no one is watching and sometimes when they are watching too! I laugh out loud a lot!!! I’m spontaneous, creative, expressive and just a little bit hippie.

What I practice grows stronger with the art of discipline; I honor, move, and nourish my body. I love to cook and change out recipes… making them my very own.

I follow my own rules and believe in me.  

Hello! I’m Cheryl Grealy . . . 

Coach Cheryl

Spiritually Inspired by life through the process of change through Soul Coaching.

I am intuitive, honest, and compassionate . . . and get to the heart of the matter in a very short period of time.

Problem areas are a symptom of underlying hurts or limiting core beliefs that are often unconscious, but keep reasserting themselves in a variety of ways. Unaware or unhealed areas generate BIG TIME resistance and limit our ability to access solutions. We often make choices and behave in ways that reinforce the very situations we don’t want. Until we honestly come to terms with who we are and why we make the choices we make, change cannot occur.  We’re often using our energy to try to change the people or situations in our lives, but this action renders us feeling depleted, frustrated, and angry. Our focus is in the wrong place.

Change is an inside job!


I’ve helped people change their lives for over thirty years from the inside out.

I dare you to say this . . . write it out, put it on your bathroom mirror, in your car, schedule it in your phone, it will remind you, say it, AND mean it . . .

“Let myself be me”

You know YOU want too!!!

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