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Forest Therapy – Healing amongst the trees

Imagine a space where the air feels fresh and clean yet you are not in the shower or bath tub, but bathing deep amongst the trees. There is actually such a practice in Japan; it’s called Forest Bathing. It’s proven to lower heart rate… Continue Reading “Forest Therapy – Healing amongst the trees”


There is something incredibly relaxing about a warm bath and these PURE Natural handmade Bath Bombs & Salts definitely take relaxation up a notch! Your body has a way of telling you what’s good for you; there’s nothing like a relaxing soak in a warm bath or… Continue Reading “DIY BATH BOMBS!”

This is one of my passions, that I love to share with others!

Make Your Own Aromatherapy Products including . . . Bath Bombs, Crumbles & Salts! Make your own! DIY is trending all over the internet these days! WHO, WHY or WHAT inspires you to learn how to make your own products? “What are you looking to accomplish? These are… Continue Reading “This is one of my passions, that I love to share with others!”

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