45 Flower Meanings . . .

Did you know that each flower has its own unique significance?

Just like us!

1 – Alstroemeria

Would you have a memory of this generous flower?
Alstroemeria is a beautiful flower that represents fortune, devotion, and friendship. Alstroemeria comes in a wide variety of shades, including white, pink, red, orange, purple, and yellow. You can even find them in rare royal or grape purple. They often have cute little freckles and are two-toned, looking a little more mysterious. A single stem has an average of four blooms, such a generous offering with its sword-shaped greenery stems that adds colour and volume.

Alstroemeria2 – Amaryllis 

Amaryllis flowers . . . symbolises pride, determination, and radiant beauty.
The word “amaryllis” comes from the Greek word “amaryssein,” which means “to sparkle.” My late father gifted me this gorgeous flower, I guess his message was to “Sparkle-on”
Also often associated with the holidays, amaryllis are commonly used in festive centerpieces or within a wreath. There’s no wrong way to use these hardy blooms.
Amaryllis is a wonderfully versatile flower that packs a big punch with several show-stopping blooms on each broad stem.

Power-punch your day . . . AND Sparkle-on 🌟

Amaryllis Flower (1)

3 – Anemones

Looking for a flower for protection?
Anemones, symbolise anticipation and are thought to bring luck and protect against evil, they also known as wildflowers. They’re a highly sought-after wedding flower that comes in a variety of both natural and tinted shades. Colors include red, hot pink, burgundy, blue and purple. If you’re not a fan of the black centers, they’re also available with pale green centers! Pair anemones with larkspur and waxflower to attain an on-trend wildflower look!


4 – Anthurium

Tropical Anthurium is an exotic flower that symbolises hospitality and also represents kindness! These heart-shaped blooms a perfect addition to your home. These flowers have a waxy appearance and come in six vibrant colors. They pair well with other standout blooms like protea, orchids, and roses.

Anthurium Flower (1)

5 – Astilbe

The Astilbe flower is also known as false spirea, false goat’s beard, or feather flower.
They are said to have the meaning of “I will be waiting for you’ or ‘I’ll still be waiting,” symbolising patience and dedication to a loved one . . . But don’t let their delicate look fool you, they are actually pretty hardy flowers.
The flowers sit on strong green stems above airy, green foliage.
Each stem features a plume of feather-shaped branches that hold clusters of small flowers, resulting in a beautiful, feathery soft bloom.
Astilbe is available in white, red and several shades of pink.

Astilbe_flower (1)

6 – Bouvardia 

Bouvardia . . . symbolises enthusiasm! Named in honor of Charles Bouvard, who ran the Royal Gardens in Paris during the reign of Louis XIII. Bouvardia features beautiful clusters of flowers shaped like stars on delicate branches, and are available in yellow, pink, red, peach, and white. Bouvardia is also referred to as royal Katty, albatross, and pink luck!

Bouvardia-Pink (1)

7 – Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise symbolises… Joy & Paradise! This tropical flower (a.k.a. the crane flower) also represents faithfulness, thoughtfulness, and LOVE ❤ The hard, beak-like part of the flower is known as spathe and gives the flower the appearance of a bird’s head and beak since it is perpendicular to the stem. Once bloomed, each stem features three vibrant orange petals and three blue petals.

Bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae), (1)

8 – Calla Lilies 

Calla Lilies named after the Greek word for beauty. They’re a traditional symbol of marriage and are used to celebrate major transitions in life. Calla lilies altogether exemplify “magnificent beauty,” while white calla lilies especially represent purity, honesty, and innocence, making them a popular choice for wedding bouquets. Other than white, calla lilies also come in shades of pink, purple, yellow, orange, and more.

Calla Lilies (2)

9 – Carnations

Carnations, like roses and some other flowers, have slightly different symbolism for the different colors. As a whole, they are said to symbolize pride and beauty. A red carnation symbolises love, pride, and admiration, while a pink carnation symbolises the love of a woman or a mother. A white carnation symbolises innocence and pure love. Use single stems throughout your arrangements for a pop of fun color, or bunch three to five stems together to create a ruffled focal flower that may just be mistaken for a peony!


10 – Celosia

Celosia, also known as a coxcomb, symbolises uncomplicated affection. They are sought after for their incredible texture and unusual style. The coxcomb celosia has a fan-shaped bloom with velvet frills. On average, the bloom size is 3-5 inches and has a stem length of 30 inches long. The feathered variety is just as unique, its multiple laterals create a feathery-like look and have a soft touch too. These coral-like flowers blend fabulously with garden roses, billy balls, protea, snapdragons, and the list goes on.

Celosia Flowers

11 – Chrysanthemums

This cheerful flower has been said to symbolize fidelity, optimism, joy, and long life. Often called mums, these fun blossoms can also convey loyal love, hope, and cherished friendship. They’re known to be long-lasting, low-maintenance, and very affordable. Pair white chrysanthemums with lisianthus, roses, Queen Anne’s lace, and seeded eucalyptus for a classic bouquet!


12 – Cornflowers

Cornflowers are fun and whimsical wildflowers that feature a brilliant true blue color. These flowers have a ball-like center with frilly petals surrounding the eye and can range in size from 1/2 an inch to 1 inch. Also known as boutonniere flowers or bachelor buttons, legend has it that cornflowers were worn by young men in love; if his love was returned the flower would remain bright and fresh, however, if the man’s love was not returned, the flower would fade quickly. No wonder cornflowers make popular boutonnieres!


13 – Daffodils 

Daffodils are a springtime staple that signifies rebirth and new beginnings. These star-shaped blooms tend to be overlooked and under-appreciated, but they have so much potential. Daffodils are both beautiful and affordable. In addition to their bright, classic color, daffodils are also offered in a combination of both, white and yellow, and orange and white. They also come in all-white, too. No matter the shade, you’ll find daffodils in both standards, mini and double varieties.


14 – Dahlias

Dahlias are said to represent dignity, elegance, and good taste. They’re a wedding favorite, available in a wide variety of bold, bright, and beautiful shapes and colors.  Their large blooms provide the perfect amount of fullness and elegance! Historically, dahlias have symbolised the lasting bond and commitment created between two people, which makes them a wonderful representation of marriage.


15 – Daisies 

Daisies symbolize new beginnings and innocence. These gorgeous spring flowers are commonly used as both focal and filler flowers in wildflower and rustic designs. They’re known as a spray variety, meaning each stem has an average spray of 3 to 5 colorful blooms. When combined with a mixture of other fillers, greenery, and a few accent flowers, daisies can truly stand out!


16 – Delphinium

Delphinium represents lightheartedness and vivacity. What a beautiful flower meaning! The English word delphinium comes from the Greek word for dolphin, which is delphis. The name is fitting, thanks to the long and lean shape of the flower that looks like the gentle mammal of the sea. Delphinium is also commonly known as larkspur.


17 – Freesia 

A great flower for adding texture, Freesia symbolises sweetness, innocence, and thoughtfulness. Freesia is known for its sweet scent. These fragrant flowers have about 3-5 funnel-shaped blooms and have an average stem length of 10 to 20 inches long. Freesia looks absolutely beautiful as a stand-alone option, and also make a stunning addition to almost any arrangement. You can find freesia in a variety of colors such as white, purple, orange, yellow, and more.


18 – Garden Roses

Garden Roses are a classic choice and they go with almost every theme. Garden roses are gorgeous, full-bodied roses, that often feature a lovely fresh scent, and are available year-round. Their lush, ruffled petal, full bloom makes them irresistible! The standard rose has pointed shape petals rotated around one pointed center. Garden roses are softer & puffier looking; standard roses are more pointy. They are all so lush & lovely.

Garden Rose (2)

19 – Gardenia 

This sweet, fragrant flower Gardenia symbolises a few different things like purity, love, and sophistication, making them a perfect pick for a bridal arrangement. Their paper-white petals and lush, evergreen foliage make them irresistible and versatile.


20 – Gerbera Daisies

A part of the daisy family, Gerbera Daisies specifically conveys cheerfulness which is attributed to the numerous colors. They are believed to lessen everyday stressors. They’re widely known as a flower for all seasons and they come in both, standard and mini varieties. The meaning stems from the general daisy family and stands for innocence and purity, as well as being a classic symbol of beauty.


21 – Gladiolus 

A striking, long-stemmed flower filled with blooms from bottom to top, the Gladiolus symbolises generosity, sincerity, the strength of character, faithfulness, and honor. Gladiolus can add height, balance, and color! We offer these gorgeous flowers in an array of colors that include purple, orange, white, red, green, and many shades of pink.


22 – Heather

Heather represents good luck and also admiration. In sixteenth-century Scotland, soldiers used to even wear white heather in their caps to bring them not only luck but protection. To this day, Scottish brides include white heather in their wedding bouquets for good luck. Heather comes in lovely shades of white, purple, pink, and green.


23 – Hellebores

Hellebores . . . Although the symbolism of the flower isn’t crystal clear, the one thing that is known for sure is its beauty and ability to add interest to any floral arrangement! Hellebores have a beautiful, natural bend to their stems and have five round petals that come in an array of beautiful colors and patterns; ranging anywhere from white-green, mauve-y pink, and all the way to deep purple shades. On each stem, you’ll find 3-5 blooms with a special pattern like specks, swirls, or gradient. Available in the spring, these versatile blooms pair well with flowers like ranunculus, roses, anemones, or any bloom that has a romantic feel.


24 – Hyacinths

Hyacinths represent playfulness and sport. Greek legend has it that a young man Hyakinthos was loved by the Gods, and when he was killed by a discus, the flower that grew from his blood was christened a hyacinth in his name.

Hyacinth comes in an array of colors, including a beautiful farm mix pack. These fragrant flowers have multiple star-shaped blooms, delicately clustered toward the top of each stem. Although their stem length is not very long (on average around 10 inches long–bloom included), they can be easily incorporated into any tall arrangement with the help of a pick and floral wire.


25 – Hydrangeas

These large, full-bloom flowers are said to represent heartfelt emotions and perseverance. They can also be used to express gratitude for being understood. Naturally, Hydrangeas come in shades of white, pink, green, and blue (it’s one of the few flowers that have a natural, true blue color!). But thanks to the technology of floral sprays and intravenous tinting, we’re able to offer hydrangeas in just about any color!

hydrangeas (1)

26 – Irises

Irises are associated with wisdom and trust. Each stem features a beautiful bloom with delicate petals and striking yellow color. Iris is known as a springtime flower, but it is available year-round. You can find iris in a variety of colors such as white, yellow, purple, and a couple shades of blue.


27 – Lilac 

Lilac has different flower meanings throughout different cultures and times, for example, magenta lilac is said to symbolise love and passion, whereas lilac (the soft purple color) is said to symbolise the first love. Lilac is an excellent choice for adding texture and fullness to an arrangement. They come in beautiful shades of purple, white, and blush.


28 – Lillies

Lillies are a royal flower that symbolises purity and refined beauty. More specifically, a white lily symbolises modesty and virginity, while an orange lily symbolizes passion and pride. Lilies have a star-shaped shaped bloom that features an average of 3 to 5 blooms per stem. They’re available year-round and are offered in several beautiful colors. In addition to their stunning beauty, lilies offer a sweet scent.

Lillies (1)

29 – Liley of The Valley 

Like the lily, the Liley of the Valley represents purity, and also happiness, sweetness, and humility. The popular flower has small, dainty, bell-shaped blooms and is particularly popular for spring bouquets.

Liley of The Valley (2)

30 – Lisianthus 

Lisianthus has a variety of meanings, including gratitude, charm, and an everlasting bond. Its bell-shaped, ruffled blooms are available in pink, purple, white, apricot, yellow, and green.


31 – Orchids

Exotic beauty, glorious femininity, refinement, thoughtfulness and mature charm are just some of the meanings associated with Orchids. Whether you’re planning a summer bash or a cozy fall celebration, these blooms are a suitable choice with their exotic and luxurious appeal. There are many unique colors and varieties to choose from, with over 20,000 species orchid in existence, so the options are almost endless.


32 – Peonies 

This flower symbolises a happy life, happy marriage, good health and prosperity. It can also be used to express bashfulness and compassion. Peonies are known for their large ruffled blooms and sweet floral scent, which makes them all but irresistible, these stunning symbols are one of the most sought-after flowers available, and with good reason.


33 – Poinsettias 

The bright red Poinsettias often affiliated with Christmas, but also year-round, it stands for good cheer, celebration and reassurance Poinsettias! AND They’re not just red anymore! Poinsettias come in a wide array of colours, Red, white and shades of pink. Poinsettias  are also available in colors nature never intended. You can find poinsettias in almost any color. You can even buy one to match your couch. Those poinsettias have either been tinted or painted. Most of us just take the traditional red poinsettia and plop it down on the nearest table!


34 – Protea

This eye-catching flower is known to symbolise change and transformation. It also represents diversity and courage. Protea has uniquely-shaped, wild-looking blossoms and a long vase life if handled properly. They can also withstand high-heat environments, making them a hardy choice for summer events. Step out of the box by pairing this statement bloom with yellow billy balls, blue thistle and succulents for a rustic look!


35 – Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace symbolises sanctuary. The filler flower features a distinct, blood-red dot in the center, which is said to represent a drop of Queen Anne’s blood that fell from her finger onto handmade lace. The flower is also referred to as bird’s nest, wild carrot and bishop’s lace.

              Queen Anne's Lace (1)

36 – Ranunculus 

Ranunculus conveys the message that you are radiant with charm, and/or very attractive. These fantastic buds are the perfect choice when adding depth and texture to floral arrangements. Their soft, round shape and abundance of delicate petals make them a unique addition to anything from elegant bridal bouquets to modern, pared-down centerpieces. Ranunculus are also available in a host of fun and beautiful colors, helping them pair well with almost any theme or pattern.


37 – Roses

All Roses symbolise passionate love, but specific meanings are associated with each color (read up on the different rose color meanings!) These traditional blooms are versatile, long-lasting and fragrant. They are perfect for special occasions and “just because” moments. With many varieties and colors to choose from, you really just can’t go wrong with roses! “For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with roses…the visual…the olfactory…the touch…and everything else! My own journey has shown me the awesome power of “the ROSE Frequency”. As much as the ROSE Frequency can be explained by science it is even more deeply felt by the Heart ♥

Roses (1)

38 – Snapdragons

Snapdragons are said to represent graciousness. They make an elegant choice for adding height and texture to an arrangement and are more than capable of standing on their own in a bouquet or centerpiece. Our snapdragons are offered in twelve different colors plus a farm mix package too!


39 – Statice

Statice is another popular filler flower rife with meaning. The flower, which comes in blue, white, red, yellow, pink and purple, represents success, sympathy or remembrance, which makes it appropriate for a variety of occasions.


40 – Stock 

Stock stands for beauty everlasting and a joyous happy life. It also symbolises a lasting, loving bond. This filler flower comes in white, pink, purple and peach. The flower has a delicious clove-like scent and is also known as the gillyflower.


41 –  Sunflowers

They are sunshine, happiness & laughter!!!

Since Sunflowers follow the light of the sun, it is said that they represent warmth, adoration and dedication or dedicated love. We offer several varieties of sunflowers, from traditional yellow with black centers to red-enhanced, and most of the varieties are available year-round, so you’re bound to find the perfect option for your event. Sunflowers look beautiful on their own, but pair nicely with many other flowers, like feverfew daisies, roses, solidago, lisianthus and more.


42 – Sweet Peas

Like roses, Sweet Peas have different flower meanings depending on their color. However, they’re commonly known to symbolise appreciation and departure. Sweet peas have a lovely fragrance and an irresistible ruffled look. These multi-florals come with about 3 to 5 blooms per stem. Sweet peas range in colors from pastel pink to bright yellow. They’re mostly used in garden-style bouquets and centerpieces. Sweet peas are gorgeous on their own but pair seamlessly with other spring flowers like peonies, garden roses and tulips.

Sweet Peas

43 – Tulips

Tulips tend to mostly be associated with sweet, pastel-hued floral arrangements around Easter time. However, tulips are capable of packing a serious punch in terms of color, texture, and volume in everything from bouquets to aisle arrangements. Given that tulips represent the perfect love, adding them to your bridal bouquet signifies a declaration of your love and faithfulness to your partner.


44 – Yarrow 

For years Yarrow has been used for agricultural and medicinal purposes, but they’ve been used in floral design too. Yarrow features multiple blooms per stem that cluster together to create the look of one large flower head. It has a fresh, herby-scent and provides the perfect pop of color. Yarrow flowers are often thought to represent both healing and inspiration. Many people give these blossoms as gifts to symbolise their concern for the recipient’s well-being, or to help them find joy and illumination in their lives. proper care, yarrow can last up to five days and they’re also heat-tolerant flowers, so you don’t have to worry about them wilting.


45 – Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath, also known as gypsophila, is said to symbolise everlasting love, innocence and purity. Baby’s breath is often thought of as a filler flower, but it can make quite an elegant statement all on its own, think fluffy cloud-like arrangements. It can fit with any theme, from vintage to modern, rustic to garden. Baby’s breath is an affordable and chic option for wedding day flowers. This light and airy bloom, typically used as filler, makes a beautiful element to incorporate into bouquets, centerpieces, aisle decor, and boutonnieres. There are two types of baby’s breath: million star baby’s breath and new love baby’s breath. Million star is a classic variety and what most people think of when they think of baby’s breath. Named because each stem has a spray of many tiny white blooms that give it the appearance of a million stars.

Baby's BreathAs a DIY Bride, Baby’s Breath was my choice of flower, I believe it represents . . .


Life within flowers will always show you the way.

Baby's Breath Never Complicated

What ever flower you are drawn too, it’s all about Self-discovery.

Think about your passions, the things you just love to do, the things you could do all day long without counting the minutes? What lights you up? What makes you jump out of bed to get started?

Imagine the impact of standing in the middle of a flower field?

What a great way to nurture your sparkle! Flowers have the potential to support us on our journey. So, take advantage of these bright blooms and make them a part of your everyday life… after all, flowers are not the only things that can bloom.

Everything you need to know comes from within ♥



The Art of ‘Old Fashion Cooking’

Handed down through 6 generations!

Me Doing What Makes Me Happy – usually finds me trying a new recipe at every opportunity. Even when I’m inspired by a new recipe – I’m still a bit of a rebel because I hardly ever follow the recipe. I like switch ingredients in and out!

Cooking has been in my family for generations and it just keeps going . . .

My Great Granny, Evangeline & Great Grandpa, Walter – 

great grandparents

My Great Granny and Grandpa were hands-on gardeners and provided all the fruit, vegetables and eggs to the neighbours and local doctor! My Grandpa never went to school and could not read or write but his passion for gardening was his happy place to be every day.  As a child, I remembered that that’s where he would be out the back working in the garden, it was a huge back yard with an outdoor dunny and an almost 100 years old grumpy cocky! Grandpa was famous for his apples and Granny made the best apple pies that were requested by him. There’s some truth to when you grow your own produce without all the chemicals that you’ll be healthier and live longer, my Granny lived to 89 years old and Grandpa, well he almost lived to 100 years old, but unfortunately passed two weeks before his 100th birthday, another memory was . . . every day he enjoyed a glass of stout in a recycled cream cheese glass, victory for a hard day’s work ♥

My Grandma, Elma Selina Skuse


My Grandma had a reputation for making the most amazing sponges, her thing was sweets . . . her cooking was well acknowledged winning awards at “The Lockleys Show” and Royal Adelaide Show” for her Sponge Cakes, Scones, Little Butterfly Cakes with a Glazed Cherrie on top, Marshmallows with yellow centers, Round Pink Lamingtons made to look like a peach and was famous for her Toffees and Toffee Apples!

Setting up trading tables for all sorts of events and fundraisers was a weekly event!

My Mum, Barbara

I’m incredibility lucky and very proud of my Mother Barbara who was a professional cook working at some of Adelaide’s top hotels, this was her passion, getting the mob (as she called them) around to share her favourite dishes just because, and on special occasions. My mothers favourite time of year being Christmas, she loved being with family and her number one dish every year was to have prawn cocktails and crumbed prawns with her prize seafood sauce!   

Mum had several signature dishes and a few that stand out with the whole family the good old “Jelly Slice” and then her famous “Sausage Rolls and Christmas Pudding, this recipe was handed down from her mum and her Grandmother. Mum’s inspiration came from Maggie Beer, friends, cutouts from the paper, magazines, TV show and a huge fan of “My Kitchen Rules”.

My Mothers Famous “Jelly Slice” was made by my daughter Kelly!

I’m very proud of myself since my Mothers passing and have now perfected the Christmas Pudding, I love this traditional dessert and mentioned to my daughter ” When I’m in my 90’s this is all I will want for Christmas, a piece of pudding” so I guess it will be her turn to carry on the tradition when it’s time.♥

And then there’s me . . . Cheryl 🙂

Well, I’m no professional cook but I’m really inspired to decorate cakes and just spend time exploring new recipes. When I cook it’s not just about preparing the food to cook and eat; I see it as Art’ I love to use of colours, texture, and shapes altogether, it’s presenting food in a creative way . . .

I call it “Culinary Art”

jaffa hedgehog slice

My parents divorced when I was 15 years old and lived with Dad and my two younger brothers for a while. This is where I was happy to step up and cook! There was this one-time making Chocolate Crackles I accidentally used gravox (powdered gravy) instead of cocoa powder yuk! My brothers didn’t seem to mind as they still ate them, probably because they still had a sweet taste too them. So not everything I made was a success but really enjoy re-inventing Old Fashion recipes, it has that homely, warm, fuzzy feeling about it! Food just like Mum or Grandma used to make, even when the kids come over, they still check out the pantry and fridge . . .  that’s what kids do!  I love to honor the food that I prepare and eat. When you bring, colours, flavours, and textures together there’s something magically creative about the process. Food is appreciated and tastes better when made with LOVE! ♥

My Daughter, Kelly Selina

Then there’s my daughter, Kelly spent many holidays with her Grandma (my mum) cooking in the kitchen.

Kelly & Husband Bradley

Kelly also has a knack and passion for cake decorating. A craft that has been handed down through generations and now has a modern twist to it!

EXPLORE more of her CAKES on Instagram

Kelly has four daughters, (from eldest) Mikayla 11, Madison 8, Sadie 4 & Billie 18 months old and lives in the country with her husband Bradley.


Kelly and her family live in the beautiful countryside of Kersbrook in the Adelaide Hills  surrounded by a fantastic community of wonderful people.”

It didn’t take long in this small community for word to get around about her signature cakes and Cup Cakes! Inspired by her girls, every birthday had Kelly creating a new design or theme, personalised and driven by her daughter’s favourite superhero, barbie, favourite colour or flavour, had the locals asking for her to create a cake for their Children’s Birthday, Engagement, Wedding, and School Events.

Kelly even created the most gorgeous cupcakes for my wedding and High Tea Party Fundraiser for the “Starlight Children’s Foundation” at ‘The Partridge House Glenelg’!

Kelly’s talent even got some attention through social media with Woolworths wanting her to create a “Caramel Cake Hack” I believe they call them? Pictured below ⇓


I know that her Grandma and Great Grandma’s would be very proud of her and the girls keeping this craft alive through generations and having four girls . . . Wow, I can’t wait to see what evolves, when it’s in your blood passing on this wisdom and knowledge has great value and a sense of pride that keeps on thriving, making family gatherings full of love with wonderful memories ♥

My Granddaughters, Mikayla, Madison, Sadie and Billie-June

“Girl’s just wanna have ‘FUN’ right”?

Well, that is my intention when I’m booked for babysitting!

My time with the girls has to be fun and memorable when hanging out!

Cooking is one activity that is well received! We’ve have had many Saturday afternoons and nights in the kitchen together making Lemon Paris Biscuits, Apple Crumble, Raspberry Balls, these are just a few I remember.

They also hang out with their Mum in the kitchen a lot! They certainly know the drill when there’s a birthday or special event approaching.

I’m really looking forward to spending many more years in the kitchen with them all!

Watching their little faces and listening to them interacting gives me immense joy, they all have their own unique style and ideas when it comes to cooking. When making Apple Crumble for instance and chopping up the fruit, one will cut the apple into tiny little squares and the other will cut big chunks, then one of them is happy to participate, but won’t eat it! At the end of the day, I believe cooking is a wonderful place for fun, learning about food and their health. 

“Thank you for connecting with all of us!” 

“This was fun! Writing this page really brings it back home to what you remember about your family or someone special you know in your life, what their passions are and to know why you do what you just do!

Everyone has fond memories of spending time in the kitchen with their Mums, Grandmothers, Grannies, Nanna’s & Nonnas etc.

Sharing the ART of food, whether it’s for daily inspiration, a family gathering or homely gift, let’s team up and practice “The Art of Old Fashion Cooking” from scratch keeping it ALIVE!!!


This is one of my passions, that I love to share with others!

Willow Creek Farm

IMG_8356-Edit_2Make Your Own Aromatherapy Products including . . .

Bath Bombs, Crumbles & Salts!

Make your own! DIY is trending all over the internet these days!

WHO, WHY or WHAT inspires you to learn how to make your own products?

“What are you looking to accomplish?

These are just some of the questions I ask people when they attend my classes!

“So what are the advantages of making your own ‘Aromatherapy Products”?

Here’s what most people said when I asked them that question:

  • To save money
  • To know what’s in their products, (are they chemical-free?)
  • Gift Giving
  • Fetes at schools
  • Just for fun!
  • Markets!


I also added a few more ideas from my own personal experience:

  • Charity Events
  • Bombonaries
  • Personal Self-Care Rituals
  • Having fun with the Grandchildren
  • Sensitive to products that contain toxic ingredients? (I’m always looking for alternatives).
  • Growing your own ”Home Business”


What you will learn in my classes are . …

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Airbnb Stays

We went on a ROAD TRIP!!!! More later . . .

Get a Fresh Start . . . Law of attraction Journaling!

You can start where you are right now; think about where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to be. Goal setting is a powerful process for envisioning what you would like to accomplish and motivating yourself to make that vision a reality.

  1. Go journal shopping . . . some of my favourite places are Kikki K, Kmart & Target.
  2. Make sure your journal is empty and never been used.
  3. Choose a design that sparks joy for you!
  4. The size of the journal should relate to the size of your goal for example . . . let’s say your goal is to Travel all over the world in every country or to make One Million Dollars, you may need a thicker and bigger journal, if you are visual like me, you may want to draw or paste pictures, add stickers inside celebrating every entry full of love. The magic of this exercise is by the time you get to the end of your journal, your dream has already been manifested or it’s well on its way to doing so.

Journaling image

So once you have your physical journal you can NOW begin . . . Yeah!!!!

THINK BIG . . . be specific, write in your journal everyday as if you have already achieved your goal & dreams.

  • Use the powers of the Laws of Attraction.
  • Get ‘really’ clear on your goals & desires.
  • List five things you really want.
  • Think about all areas of your life . . . career, finances, relationships, family, friends, and fun; want to get married, transform your body, buy a home etc.
  • Then circle or highlight which one you desire or want the most.
  • I would suggest if you choose more than one to have a separate journal for each goal.
  • Slice . . . out! part of your day, every day to commit to writing in your journal.
  • Write in it as if your dream has already coming true.
  • Create wonderful feelings. It’s like creating magic in your heart when writing.
  • Write in detail to raise your energy and vibration.
  • Feel the gratitude of having these ‘intentions’ in your life right NOW; this will help influence the rest of your day! (((Gratitude is magnetic!)))
  • Also think about the things you already have in your life right now, lean into that feeling.
  • NOW take inspired ACTION! Ask yourself: “What is one thing I can achieve right now?”AND GO do that!!!

 Aroma Angel Tip: Once clear about your goals and plan of action, you can utilise my suggestion using the following essential oil.

I personally use essential oils to enhance my energy and vibration and one of my favourites to use when journaling is blend called Abundance. I really enjoy to make my own Abundance Spritz, so when I write my goals setting my intention, I will spritz my whole body aura and journal.Abundance spritz recipe 2Abundance™ was created to enhance the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us. It combines oils which were used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace. The rich, spicy aroma is uplifting and balancing, and helps to attract positive emotions and energy, opening us up to a wealth of possibilities.

ESSENTIAL OILS IN THIS BLEND: Orange, Frankincense, Patchouli, Clove, Ginger, Myrrh, Cinnamon Bark, Spruce.

How to Use

Aromatic: Diffuse up to 1 hour 3 times daily.

  • Diffuse Abundance to attract possibility and positivity.
  • Use this oil while meditating to open your mind and release your limitations.
  • Use to release negative feelings such as inadequacy, and attract peace.

“What are all the crazy and wacky things you could do to meet your goals?


* OWN the Magic in YOUR life!!!

A goal should scare you a little, and excite YOU ALOT.