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45 Flower Meanings . . .

Did you know that each flower has its own unique significance? Just like us! 1 – Alstroemeria Would you have a memory of this generous flower? Alstroemeria is a beautiful flower that represents fortune, devotion, and friendship. Alstroemeria comes in a wide variety of… Continue Reading “45 Flower Meanings . . .”


The Art of ‘Old Fashion Cooking’ Handed down through 6 generations! Me Doing What Makes Me Happy – usually finds me trying a new recipe at every opportunity. Even when I’m inspired by a new recipe – I’m still a bit of a rebel because… Continue Reading “THE ART OF ‘OLD FASHION COOKING’”

This is one of my passions, that I love to share with others!

Originally posted on Late Bloomer:
Make Your Own Aromatherapy Products including . . . Bath Bombs, Crumbles & Salts! Make your own! DIY is trending all over the internet these days! WHO, WHY or WHAT inspires you to learn how to make your own products? “What are…

Airbnb Stays

We went on a ROAD TRIP!!!! More later . . .

Get a Fresh Start . . . Law of attraction Journaling!

You can start where you are right now; think about where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to be. Goal setting is a powerful process for envisioning what you would like to accomplish and motivating yourself to make that vision a… Continue Reading “Get a Fresh Start . . . Law of attraction Journaling!”

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