The Art of ‘Old Fashion Cooking’

Handed down through 6 generations!

Me Doing What Makes Me Happy – usually finds me trying a new recipe at every opportunity. Even when I’m inspired by a new recipe – I’m still a bit of a rebel because I hardly ever follow the recipe. I like switch ingredients in and out!

Cooking has been in my family for generations and it just keeps going . . .

My Great Granny, Evangeline & Great Grandpa, Walter – 

great grandparents

My Great Granny and Grandpa were hands-on gardeners and provided all the fruit, vegetables and eggs to the neighbours and local doctor! My Grandpa never went to school and could not read or write but his passion for gardening was his happy place to be every day.  As a child, I remembered that that’s where he would be out the back working in the garden, it was a huge back yard with an outdoor dunny and an almost 100 years old grumpy cocky! Grandpa was famous for his apples and Granny made the best apple pies that were requested by him. There’s some truth to when you grow your own produce without all the chemicals that you’ll be healthier and live longer, my Granny lived to 89 years old and Grandpa, well he almost lived to 100 years old, but unfortunately passed two weeks before his 100th birthday, another memory was . . . every day he enjoyed a glass of stout in a recycled cream cheese glass, victory for a hard day’s work ♥

My Grandma, Elma Selina Skuse


My Grandma had a reputation for making the most amazing sponges, her thing was sweets . . . her cooking was well acknowledged winning awards at “The Lockleys Show” and Royal Adelaide Show” for her Sponge Cakes, Scones, Little Butterfly Cakes with a Glazed Cherrie on top, Marshmallows with yellow centers, Round Pink Lamingtons made to look like a peach and was famous for her Toffees and Toffee Apples!

Setting up trading tables for all sorts of events and fundraisers was a weekly event!

My Mum, Barbara

I’m incredibility lucky and very proud of my Mother Barbara who was a professional cook working at some of Adelaide’s top hotels, this was her passion, getting the mob (as she called them) around to share her favourite dishes just because, and on special occasions. My mothers favourite time of year being Christmas, she loved being with family and her number one dish every year was to have prawn cocktails and crumbed prawns with her prize seafood sauce!   

Mum had several signature dishes and a few that stand out with the whole family the good old “Jelly Slice” and then her famous “Sausage Rolls and Christmas Pudding, this recipe was handed down from her mum and her Grandmother. Mum’s inspiration came from Maggie Beer, friends, cutouts from the paper, magazines, TV show and a huge fan of “My Kitchen Rules”.

My Mothers Famous “Jelly Slice” was made by my daughter Kelly!

I’m very proud of myself since my Mothers passing and have now perfected the Christmas Pudding, I love this traditional dessert and mentioned to my daughter ” When I’m in my 90’s this is all I will want for Christmas, a piece of pudding” so I guess it will be her turn to carry on the tradition when it’s time.♥

And then there’s me . . . Cheryl 🙂

Well, I’m no professional cook but I’m really inspired to decorate cakes and just spend time exploring new recipes. When I cook it’s not just about preparing the food to cook and eat; I see it as Art’ I love to use of colours, texture, and shapes altogether, it’s presenting food in a creative way . . .

I call it “Culinary Art”

jaffa hedgehog slice

My parents divorced when I was 15 years old and lived with Dad and my two younger brothers for a while. This is where I was happy to step up and cook! There was this one-time making Chocolate Crackles I accidentally used gravox (powdered gravy) instead of cocoa powder yuk! My brothers didn’t seem to mind as they still ate them, probably because they still had a sweet taste too them. So not everything I made was a success but really enjoy re-inventing Old Fashion recipes, it has that homely, warm, fuzzy feeling about it! Food just like Mum or Grandma used to make, even when the kids come over, they still check out the pantry and fridge . . .  that’s what kids do!  I love to honor the food that I prepare and eat. When you bring, colours, flavours, and textures together there’s something magically creative about the process. Food is appreciated and tastes better when made with LOVE! ♥

My Daughter, Kelly Selina

Then there’s my daughter, Kelly spent many holidays with her Grandma (my mum) cooking in the kitchen.

Kelly & Husband Bradley

Kelly also has a knack and passion for cake decorating. A craft that has been handed down through generations and now has a modern twist to it!

EXPLORE more of her CAKES on Instagram

Kelly has four daughters, (from eldest) Mikayla 11, Madison 8, Sadie 4 & Billie 18 months old and lives in the country with her husband Bradley.


Kelly and her family live in the beautiful countryside of Kersbrook in the Adelaide Hills  surrounded by a fantastic community of wonderful people.”

It didn’t take long in this small community for word to get around about her signature cakes and Cup Cakes! Inspired by her girls, every birthday had Kelly creating a new design or theme, personalised and driven by her daughter’s favourite superhero, barbie, favourite colour or flavour, had the locals asking for her to create a cake for their Children’s Birthday, Engagement, Wedding, and School Events.

Kelly even created the most gorgeous cupcakes for my wedding and High Tea Party Fundraiser for the “Starlight Children’s Foundation” at ‘The Partridge House Glenelg’!

Kelly’s talent even got some attention through social media with Woolworths wanting her to create a “Caramel Cake Hack” I believe they call them? Pictured below ⇓


I know that her Grandma and Great Grandma’s would be very proud of her and the girls keeping this craft alive through generations and having four girls . . . Wow, I can’t wait to see what evolves, when it’s in your blood passing on this wisdom and knowledge has great value and a sense of pride that keeps on thriving, making family gatherings full of love with wonderful memories ♥

My Granddaughters, Mikayla, Madison, Sadie and Billie-June

“Girl’s just wanna have ‘FUN’ right”?

Well, that is my intention when I’m booked for babysitting!

My time with the girls has to be fun and memorable when hanging out!

Cooking is one activity that is well received! We’ve have had many Saturday afternoons and nights in the kitchen together making Lemon Paris Biscuits, Apple Crumble, Raspberry Balls, these are just a few I remember.

They also hang out with their Mum in the kitchen a lot! They certainly know the drill when there’s a birthday or special event approaching.

I’m really looking forward to spending many more years in the kitchen with them all!

Watching their little faces and listening to them interacting gives me immense joy, they all have their own unique style and ideas when it comes to cooking. When making Apple Crumble for instance and chopping up the fruit, one will cut the apple into tiny little squares and the other will cut big chunks, then one of them is happy to participate, but won’t eat it! At the end of the day, I believe cooking is a wonderful place for fun, learning about food and their health. 

“Thank you for connecting with all of us!” 

“This was fun! Writing this page really brings it back home to what you remember about your family or someone special you know in your life, what their passions are and to know why you do what you just do!

Everyone has fond memories of spending time in the kitchen with their Mums, Grandmothers, Grannies, Nanna’s & Nonnas etc.

Sharing the ART of food, whether it’s for daily inspiration, a family gathering or homely gift, let’s team up and practice “The Art of Old Fashion Cooking” from scratch keeping it ALIVE!!!


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