This is one of my passions, that I love to share with others!

Willow Creek Farm

IMG_8356-Edit_2Make Your Own Aromatherapy Products including . . .

Bath Bombs, Crumbles & Salts!

Make your own! DIY is trending all over the internet these days!

WHO, WHY or WHAT inspires you to learn how to make your own products?

“What are you looking to accomplish?

These are just some of the questions I ask people when they attend my classes!

“So what are the advantages of making your own ‘Aromatherapy Products”?

Here’s what most people said when I asked them that question:

  • To save money
  • To know what’s in their products, (are they chemical-free?)
  • Gift Giving
  • Fetes at schools
  • Just for fun!
  • Markets!


I also added a few more ideas from my own personal experience:

  • Charity Events
  • Bombonaries
  • Personal Self-Care Rituals
  • Having fun with the Grandchildren
  • Sensitive to products that contain toxic ingredients? (I’m always looking for alternatives).
  • Growing your own ”Home Business”


What you will learn in my classes are . …

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One thought on “This is one of my passions, that I love to share with others!

  1. Cheryl – I’ve just read your published articles, and I really love this thought – “And, it was this question that brought me ‘back to life’ more than 10 years ago! When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower!” L xx


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