Creating a Pop-Up Aroma Belt!

My Pop-Up Aroma Belt™ is something I visualized almost instantly, once the idea was planted.

After extensively searching for the right belt to use at my workshops, events, and seminars, I couldn’t find anything remotely resembling my idea, so I went to the local haberdashery store and found all the parts needed. My venture which started as a search for the perfect accessory for showcasing the oils was now a real tool called the Pop-Up Aroma Belt™!

Pop-Up Aroma Belt Grace

Most belts that I had come across online were typical massage belts, with little pockets in which to place the essential oil bottles. What I didn’t like about these belts was that they completely covered the colours of these pretty little bottles and if you lent over, they could fall out!

“I imagined this belt would look a little bit like a shotgun belt, but with the oil bottles!”

My first one was all hand sewn; I didn’t have a sewing machine at the time.

I was so excited when I completed the belt; it turned out exactly how I had visualized it.

On my first gig, it worked a treat, with everyone commenting on it.

And they still do . . . everywhere I wear it!

I found people were curious and wanted to know what the belt is all about!

As I was wearing the belt to all of my events/workshops, I found I needed a holster for a Spritzer, V-6 or my business cards. This is a great tool to wear at events, when you need to walk around and network so you can take your oils with you. It’s an attraction seeker that creates attention!

This is why the Pop-On Pocket was created . . . designed for a V-6, Spritzer, Business cards or even a mobile/cell phone. How many times have you been at one of your gigs and wanted to use your phone to take photos, record people’s details, sign someone up, do a video, or just want to keep it close so you don’t lose it?

Pop-Up Aroma Belt 2

Made with high-quality polyester elastane combination material that provides comfort and beauty. Velcro for easy adjustment plus a “Poppy Button” for decoration 🙂 

The Pop-on Pocket slides on and off easily depending on your personal needs.

Pop-Up Belt V6

The belt is great if you’re a massage therapist or doing a raindrop treatment. It can carry up to twelve oil bottles, and, if you don’t need to use 12 oils, the belt can be adjusted to what you need – simply pull on the elastic cord and adjust the toggles to tighten. Perfect!

Pop-Up Aroma Belt 3

With most massage belts or aprons with little pockets if you go to bend over your bottles can drop out. Not with the Pop-Up Aroma Belt – you just tighten the elastic cord around the neck of each 5ml bottle to keep them safe and secure. The bottles whip in and out of the belt in a flash!

Pop-Up Belt Toggle

I’ve also added a hanger hook; perfect if you need to go to the bathroom or want to hang the belt in your treatment room.

Pop-Up Aroma Belt Hook

Included is a Carry Bag to keep all your oils safe during your travels; it’s designed in black in-case of any spills!!!

Pop-Up Aroma Belt Bag

When my Granddaughter was making her ‘Paris’ biscuits (infused with lemon and orange essential oils) her “Junior Pop-Up Aroma Belt came in very handy. She was selecting the oils from the belt, adding them into the mix then placing them straight back onto the belt. (No flour sticking to the bottle)

Pop-Up Aroma Belt Madi

The Pop-Up Aroma Belt™ holds up to 12 x 5ml Essential oils.

At different events and venues I have used:

Premium Starter Kit plus a favorite! – During event, workshops, DIY classes

Raindrop Technique Collection – During treatments, massage, reiki, raindrop technique

Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture – During Treatments, massage, raindrop technique, workshops, events

Everyday Oils – During events, workshops, DIY classes

Feelings Collection – During Treatments, massage, raindrop technique, workshops, events, meditation

Essential 7 – During event, workshops, DIY classes

Culinary Collection – During events, cooking workshops, DIY classes

I prefer to showcase the 5 ml oil bottles, but I have some distributors who like to wear the 15ml bottles, this doesn’t work for me, I believe they are too large

Pop-On Pocket is designed to hold your . . .



Business Cards

Mobile/Cell Phone

The Pop-On Pocket can be removed in seconds if you don’t need it.

I enjoyed this project . . . and have several oilers showcasing their oils using the Pop-Up Aroma Belt!

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